It’s Your Choice NGO Preliminary Statement On the results of the observation mission during the elections to the National Assembly of Armenia on April 2, 2017


The observers of the IYC were observing the elections of the National Assembly of Armenia on April 2, 2017 in 998 precincts. The observed precincts constitute almost 50% of all the precincts opened on the Election Day. The observation was carried out in all the cities and big communities of the country.



“It’s Your Choice” NGO Report on Observation Mission during Presidential Elections on February 18, 2013 Preliminary Announcement


On the Election Day IYC monitors observed RA presidential elections in 1400 polling stations. Observations were carried out both in Yerevan and in all the other cities and large communities. The activities of election commissions, legitimacy of ballot counting process, atmosphere in polling stations, right of voters for free will expression were subjects for observation.





Our mission



    Support free, fair and transparent elections and development of democratic processes in Armenia;
    Support the development and formation of the local government system and accountability of government bodies to voters;
    Encourage citizen participation in local government;
    Provide the voters of Armenia with unbiased, correct, true and timely information.



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 If you want to be informed and informthe others,

If you want to take active part in the civic life, form a civic opinion and directthat opinion through your observation,

If you really want the law to protect theinterests of the society and become an advocate for those rights too,

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